(Based in Joburg)

Writing your own biography is difficult, especially when you’ve never defined yourself as anything but yourself.
When I was five years old my dad asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I remember this clearly, for the moment I told him that I wanted to draw pictures for a living, he had the same reaction as every traditional, Afrikaans, Baby-boomer in the 80’s would have had. “It’s only a phase…”
Unfortunately for my dad, the phase never passed.
I’ve spent the last fifteen years slashing my way through the advertising jungle with a machete made of tenaciousness, I’ve spent nearly half of that time as a Creative Director, a title much flashier than the actual job.
I’m the quintessential gamer girl that spends her off time living in worlds created in 1's and 0's, I write, I paint, I sew, I shop, I cosplay and I do very, very silly things sometimes.
I'm half spiritual, free-spirited bohemian, half capitalist career maker. I enjoy life and the adventures and troubles that come with it.
The only definitive that comes to mind through this jumble of incarnations is Creator, a Creator and Doer of many things.