Flowers, candles and other trinkets are usually our go-to gifts for Mother's Day, with sentiment being the focus more than the actual present.

My mum loved every kitschy Mother's Day gift I've given her over the years but I feel like she deserves something a bit more exciting this year and going forward. I've compiled a handful of experience-based gifts that would make mum happy.

As my mum is in South Africa, I've given suggestions for both SA and the UK.

Afternoon Tea

Mum deserves an afternoon off so take her to tea. My best afternoon tea spots are: Isabella's (South Africa) The Twelve Apostles (Cape Town) Sketch (London) Claridges (London)

A Fun Course

It's always fun to learn a new skill and meet new people in the process. The Lindt Chocolate Studio have an amazing list of courses including The Art of the Macaron and Chocolate Appreciation where you get to be a chocolate connoisseur for the day

Spa Day

A day of pampering is always a good idea especially for mum who is constantly worrying about her kids. Recommendations Dorchester Spa (London) The Twelve Apostles (Cape Town) Mowana Spa (Johannesburg)

Weekend Getaway

Plan a weekend getaway for you and mum that has a balance of fun activities and relaxation time. Magaliesburg is a great place in South Africa. Bath is a great place in England.

A Musical

How much fun would a mother/daughter night out on the town be especially to see Mamma Mia or Singing in the Rain

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