I wasn’t completely blown away with the food in Australia but I do credit this to the fact that I’m South African and food back home is awesome and I’m also clueless when it comes to food.

I do remember really enjoying the pumpkin & ricotta ravioli from Blackbird. As I mentioned in my previous post, Saroeuth and Dina planned a Saturday night dinner at Darling Harbor especially for the fireworks that takes places every Saturday evening.


Saroeuth and Dina opted for pizzas (supreme and margherita respectively). I initially planned on the prawn fettuccini, because this is what I know, but Saroeuth dared me to try something different and I’m glad she did. The ravioli was amazing.


We ended up at the restaurant in daylight and had to stretch out dinner for a couple of hours to catch the fireworks so naturally we ordered the dessert platter.

DSCF6439 DSCF6444

It was the proper catch up dinner with Saroeuth that was long overdue.


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