It’s been a while since we’ve posted on here AGAIN and instead of making excuses and apologising, I’m just going to say that it’s good to be back.

I usually maintain the site most of the time and during this hiatus I realised how much I miss updating this site. It put things into perspective for me.

It also put things into perspective for the other girls. They all took some time to out to figure out whether they could commit to the site full time and realized that they’d be stretched too thin if they did. This might not come as a big surprise seeing as we haven’t been posting much lately.

So how does this affect the site?

Monika and I will continue on as main contributors for the site. The rest of the team isn’t disappearing completely. You’ll still see content from Saroeuth, Elena and Rhode. They’ll be staying on as guest contributors.

When Monika and I came up with this idea almost 2 years ago, we planned to invite many other like-minded individuals to contribute interesting, fun and useful content. We’re going back to this original plan and opening up the site up to an array of versatile contributors from around the globe.

We’re inviting you, our readers, to be part of the team and contribute. If you’re interested, email us at for more information.

Our content strategy is going to also change this year. You’ll be seeing more personal content from us and we’re also going to be introducing a few great column pieces in the next few weeks.

There’s also the new website design to look forward to. We’re in the process of launching this very soon so keep an eye out.

Feel free to leave comments below and tell us how you feel about the changes. We’d love to here from you.

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