To paraphrase Heraclitus; change is the only constant you can count on, which I suppose is a contradictory notion being that anything constant naturally connotes a non-change or a consistent state of being. Whatever the case change is indeed inevitable and arguably intrinsic to any kind of advancement in life.

Many years ago a colleague of mine remarked that if life got boring you need to make one small change and that would in turn create a ripple effect and reverberate outwards to other facets of your life. I tried that; tried changing my hairstyle, changing the train I caught home, changing the route that I walked to get to the train station, but small changes never really did much for me. Looking back now, truly meaningful changes have always happened with a bang for me; whether it be the car accident that shook me out of my complacency, venturing overseas with virtually no safety net, inadvertently moving into an apartment run by a squatter or moving in with a man I had been seeing for only a couple of months. In hindsight these choices I made were so fraught with risk but the reality is all these seismic shifts conspired to get me to where I am today. Had I not taken the big leap into the unknown or waded into terrifyingly unfamiliar territory I would probably be dreaming about ‘one day’ doing something great but that ‘one day’ would’ve always seemed too far to grasp.

Wedding- beach

Now that I have ended my tenure at what is now my former place pf employment, I am starting to feel the magnitude of the change that’s about to envelope my universe, the universe that has been so neatly planned out and controlled for the last six years. It is with a mixture of giddy excitement and utter trepidation that I venture back into the world of the unemployed but in those very rare moments when I have second guessed the decision I’ve made, I look back on the various ‘big’ changes that I’ve made in my adult life and I always end at the same conclusion, one where each and every one of those ‘big’ shifts become a catalyst for something positive and actually wonderful.

It is true to say that change does not always happen by choice and sometimes change can be devastating. I’ve been fortunate thus far to never have experienced true tragedy or insurmountable odds so in writing this piece I come from a place of ignorance in that regard. What I will say is this; you choose how to mentally, emotional and practically react to change and in that is the power you have to dictate the effect and level of impact that negative change can or may have on your world. In my early twenties I was working at a cosmetics company whilst putting myself through university but when operations was relocated interstate and my position was made redundant I was forced to look for employment elsewhere. This in turn propelled me into the fashion retail sector and it was there that I came to appreciate my love for fashion as more than just a hobby. Likewise it was finding out that my ‘landlord’ was actually a conman/squatter (long story) and having the locks suddenly change on my rental place that literally forced me to move in with my then boyfriend. Looking back now, I was a wreck when I realised that I’d been hoodwinked but had that episode not happened I would not have had the opportunity to learn that my then boyfriend was actually someone who could and eventually did end up becoming my husband. Granted it took me a long time to see a lot of these changes as opportunities but again the beauty of hindsight is that it gives you perspective and scope to see where things fit in the puzzle that surrounds you.


Had I not taken the leap and gone abroad, I would never have met two of my greatest friends, Monika and Zeenat

Don’t get me wrong, at times, there are certain things in my world that I hope never change as these elements are what I deem perfect, but in saying that I remember that no change virtually equates to stagnation and as such I’d be denying already wonderful elements the chance to evolve and progress into something perhaps better, beyond what I could currently comprehend. So in short, change is sometimes hard, sometimes scary and sometimes ridiculous but make the best of it and you may come out better for it.

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