You don't need to be a designer or shoemaker to get create your own fashion. DIY fashion is increasing in popularity and it's addictive. Bloggers Shini Park and Kit Lee have recently also published a book titled Adorn: 25 stylish DIY fashion projects.

I've been spending hours on some amazing sites and have discovered some great DIY fashion tutorials. While I doubt I'll be giving DIY a go anytime soon (thanks to my inability to use glue without ruining everything around me), I thought it would be great to share some of these with our readers.

My first piece in this series is off course DIY shoes. It doesn't matter whether your shoes are out of fashion or looking a tad bit worn. There are ways that you can re-add the sparkle to them. Here are a list of ways that you can jazz them up again:


A Beautiful Mess

Photography Credits: A Beautiful Mess - Elsie Larson & Emma Chapman

Add some gold studs to your favourite sneakers that look that they have been around the world but still feels like it is comfortable enough to help you take over the world. Take a look at A Beautiful Mess - Make your own studded Converse.

studded heels

Source: Dare to DIY

Add an edgy and chic flair to black heels. Dare to DIY have created a video tutorial with details on how to create this.



glitter boots

Source: BellaMumma

If your camel colour suede boots has seen better days, why not add some glitter to add some glam? Check out BellaMumma's guide on how to create these glitter boots.

glitter heels

Source: 11 Eureka

Got scuffed heels? You can easily flip the coin on that one. 11 Eureka has created a great DIY Heel Fix.



jeweled heels

Source: Honestly WTF

Always wanted your own Miu Miu jeweled heels? Honestly WTF will show you how to make your very own pair.

jeweled sandals

Source: Honestly WTF

Add sparkle to an ordinary pair of sandals with some gemstones. Honestly WTF will show you how to create these Marni inspired jewelled sandals.

1552-0910-1419-2548TIP-TOP SHAPE

neon shoes

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Make those those pop with neon toe shoes as demonstrated by Green Wedding Shoes.

beaded toes

Source: TrendHunter

Add a textured beaded toe to create a customised shoe as shown by TrendHunter.

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