This Spring Break I went to Dubai with my roommate and best friend because his parents live there.

It was a fantastic experience and I wanted to share it with you!

I made a list of the ten best things to do in the Emirate, in no particular order!

1) The Palm Jumeirah

Everybody heard about the two artificial islands in Dubai, designed after a palm tree. I went to the Palm Jumeirah as it is more famous than Palm Jebel Ali and more developed.

The Palm

WP_20131227_18_28_10_ProSkyline view from the Palm


The 101 Dining Lounge and Bar, a bar on the palm where we went for drinks


2) The Desert

When you visit the United Arab Emirates, you need to go into the desert where you can do a variety of things like dune bashing, or riding a camel.

WP_20140402_11_28_07_ProI realized I am not extremely comfortable around camels...


But I can handle falcons just fine


Sunset in the desert


3) Go do a good sheesha

In the Middle East and Arab world people smoke sheeshas is part of their culture and traditions. It is a very traditional activity that locals commonly engage in.

My favorite place in Dubai to smoke a great sheesha was the Al-Qasr, a luxurious hotel, plus it has a fantastic view on the Burj Al Arab, the famous sail shaped and world most luxurious hotel with seven stars.


View from the hotel


4) Visit the souk

The souk in Dubai is modern, but build in a traditional fashion. It is a lovely place to visit; however, avoid buying anything there as everything is overpriced and not authentic.








5) Visit the Burj Khalifa

This spectacular building is the tallest man-made structure in the world, at 829.8 meters. The tower is based on the symmetries of the desert flower Hymenocallis, and resembles the flower if seen from the top.



View from under the Burj Khalifa

1552-0910-1419-25486) Go skiing in Dubai

You can go skiing in Dubai at the Mall of the Emirates at Ski Dubai, the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East. Also, when you are tired of skiing you can shop in the wonderful shops in the mall or dine in one of its many restaurants.




1552-0910-1419-25487) Go to the beach

Dubai is on the Persian Gulf and has many wonderful beaches. You can go either to a private beach or a public one. We went to a public beach near the Burj Al Arab.

WP_20140405_04_15_40_Pro (1)

1552-0910-1419-25488) Where to eat

Dubai has many restaurants and each one is better than the next. Here's a list of the best restaurants I ate at while in Dubai.

WP_20140329_04_12_35_ProAt the Beach Bar & Grill

WP_20140329_05_41_32_ProWP_20140329_05_41_54_ProThe One and Only Royal Mirage Hotel 

1552-0910-1419-25489) Grab a drink on a rooftop bar or a go dancing in a club

There are many wonderful rooftop bars and clubs in Dubai and here is a list of my favorites:

WP_20140401_13_50_09_ProThe 40 Kong


Drinks at the 40 Kong


10) The Atlantis

Palm Jumeirah also has another main attraction, The Atlantis. It is the same Atlantis as the one in the Bahamas. The resort has a multiple number of attractions such as the aquarium, a water park, beautiful beaches, and famous restaurants.


My list could go on and on but I decided to only cover the main attractions of the city. It's always best to explore this wonderful city on your own and let me know what was the favorite part of your trip!

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