(Based in Sydney)

Saroeuth is a frugal fashion follower and lover of all things creative. Though the words ‘frugal’ and ‘fashion’ may seem incongruous side by side in any sentence, Saroeuth has made it a personal challenge to be on trend without going out of pocket. Whether that means only forking out on key investment pieces, scouring the sale racks or reinventing old garments, she has reveled in making fashion a conduit for creativity, resourcefulness and expression. With dreams of making movies, Saroeuth graduated University with a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Media Arts, but stumbled into the publishing industry for a short stint before taking a prolonged sojourn to London where she discovered a love for Pimm’s and pasties. Now back in her home of Australia Saroeuth has settled into life as a newly wed and office worker by day and amateur blogger by night.